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Call For Artists (Next Artshow)

Calling all artists! We invite you to participate to Rotaract 2110 District's Virtual Art Show.

Showcase your best artworks in our prestigious inaugural event and gain recognition!

Connect with a diverse community of creatives, share your passion for art, and inspire others with your unique perspective. Your extraordinary creations will be appreciated by a global audience that shares the same love for creativity and imagination.

Seize this opportunity today! Click the button below, fill out our Google Form and submit your artwork. Our internal selection process ensures that only the most exceptional pieces will be chosen for our grand exhibition. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!

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Welcome to E-Museum!

Introducing "E-Museum", a groundbreaking app soon to be published on iOS and Play Store, designed to revolutionize the way we experience and appreciate art.

The objective of our virtual environment is to foster a deep love for digital art and create an immersive space where artists can proudly present their works in their natural digital environment.

We believe that digital art knows no bounds, and artists of all kinds can make their mark in this extraordinary exhibition. Whether you specialize in 2D arts, 3D modeling, animations, photographs, or any other form of artistic expression, we encourage you to join us on this journey.

"E-Museum" is a project brought to you by the Founders Federico Toscano, Incoming President of Rotaract 2110's Committee of Culture and game developer Salvatore Fabio, owner of indie game dev studio "Fabiulous Games".

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